"Urgent Call of Renewed Grand Protest" posted on Qeerroo web site on September 4, 2016. I asked myself "which qeerroo is this?" Is this the qeeroo I thought I knew and supported for this long? Which qeeroo is asking to keep the Ethiopian colonial state alive by “demand[ing] that a transitional government which includes OLF be established!!” after so many of our Oromo brothers and sisters have died, disappeared, tortured and suffered immeasurably to dismantle this dying empire? I asked myself "who is this qeerroo working for?" Does it not know that the end game of the Oromo liberation struggle is sovereign state of Oromia? (Sovereignty is defined as “having ultimate authority over a territory, with the absolute right to govern. Thus, a sovereign state is one that governs itself, independent of any foreign power, with the full authority to make war or peace and to form treaties or alliances with foreign nations.”)

TPLF is an occupation force! The Amhara force is trying to replace the Tigray occupation force! Why would you want your representatives to share state power with occupying forces or former occupying forces? You have high morale. You have popular support. You have damaged the legitimacy and credibility of the colonial government beyond repair: both at home and internationally. You will soon obtain training, leadership, logistic support and weaponry by your own blood and sweat. That you shall defeat the habasha colonial government and free your people is no more debatable.

Stay the course! Lend no ears to diaspora “Oromo leaders” and would be “Ethiopian minsters” in a transitional government which they are hoping to build on your comrades’ blood and bones. You have come a long way to now squander your opportunity to free the Oromo nation once and for all on a “transitional government” of the Ethiopian empire. Lafeen jaallan QBOf wareegamanii isin waraana!

If history of similar liberation struggles is any guide, it is a foregone conclusion that the Oromo struggle will overcome its military disadvantage to defeat colonial Habasaa forces. This phase of the struggle is characterized by your success in building resistance and gaining popular support, not just with in the Oromo but across the globe. This success in “winning hearts and minds” of, particularly, the Oromo shall, no doubt, push the resistance into a guerrilla war phase. The last stage is what Mao called “strategic counteroffensive,” in which Oromo guerrillas would form a regular army to overrun enemy forces in conventional battle. In other words, the guerilla war shall lead to the final phase of conventional war where Oromo modernized army shall force the habashaa army to withdraw from Oromo territory.

You don’t think it is possible? You think I am crazy? You think I don’t know what I am talking about? Read history of each successful liberation struggle and insurgency. Closer to home, consider the Eritrean and the Wayyanee insurgencies. Is that not how they succeeded? Go further and consider other African and Asian anti-colonial war success stories. Is that not how they acheived their objectives?

They did not get to liberate their nation thru “Transitional arrangement.” They succeeded by evolving thru gaining popular support (which you already have in abundance), conducting a guerrilla war and transforming the war into a conventional one at their time of choosing.

Yaa Qeerro, lammii kiyya, gara sanatti qophaa’i!

You can do this!

Others with less population, less popular support and less resources have done it before. Ignore the naysayers and the mentally enslaved Ethiopia lovers. Pay no heed to those who are telling you that you can win by “peaceful” means alone. Disregard those trying to demoralize you by telling you that you cannot do this on your own but by compromising with your enemy. Tell them to go to hell! Tell them “WE CAN!” and make the Oromo nation proud!

Return the Oromo nation to its glory of when Martial De Slavic visited Oromia and wrote his book “The Oromo: An Ancient People Great African Nation.”

Don’t squander your opportunity to free your nation once and for all by demanding and settling for a “transitional government” of the Ethiopian empire.

Qabsoon itti fufa!



 (From Argan Beekan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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