Col. Abiy Ahimad ilma Abbaa Gadaa miti!

Nothing is more irritating, condescending and despicable than saying to Oromos that Abiy’s regime is their government.

Oromia Global Forum
19 May 2021

Abiy Ahmed served the TPLF-EPRDF regime since his childhood. He joined the TPLF-dominated army at the age of 15, as a child soldier. He was bolted up in the ranks of the military to be a Lt. Colonel. He was one of the founders and the 2nd-man-in-rank of TPLF’s spy agency named INSA. As one of the top spy agents of TPLF-EPRDF regime, he took part and organized the wiretapping and spying on thousands of Oromo nationals resulting in their elimination or imprisonment. It is this same criminal Abiy that later claimed to be a reformist and came out to hijack the peaceful Oromo protest movement that intensified from 2014 to 2018, and toppled the TPLF-dominated EPRDF in 2018.

Unbeknownst to the Oromo, other peoples of Ethiopia and the whole world, Abiy who was a wolf in sheep’s clothing managed to deceive and receive a Nobel peace prize in 2019 for allegedly making peace with Eritrea. However, the peace deal with Eritrea was later to be used to stifle the voice of his opposition in cooperation with another East African dictator, Isayas Afeworqi.

To make his deceptive drama more exhilarating, at the beginning of his ascending to power, Abiy promised a transparent and peaceful transition to democracy through competitive, free and fair elections. He released political prisoners, allowed all the exiled opposition parties to come back to the country, created a façade of allowing freedom of expression and independent Media. But these rhetoric and deception only stayed until he consolidated his political power. Within few months, he reneged on all his lofty promises and receded back to the goal of restoring the old repressive and inhumane Ethiopia.

Starting from his childhood as a child soldier of TPLF at the age 15, up to the present (after his selection by the EPRDF to the position of Prime Minister), Abiy has always been and remains a killer of Oromo children.

We would like to inform, educate and show the world that Abiy has always been the enemy of Oromo people, nottheir leader. Here are the facts, practical evidences from his life.

  1. Abiy served the TPLF for 27 years. As a loyal servant of the TPLF, he maimed, extrajudicially killed, harassed and tortured thousands of Oromos. Due to his dedicated criminal services to the TPLF, the TPLF appointed him to the 2nd man-in-rank of TPLF’s spy agency named INSA. Being the 2nd-man-in-rank of INSA, Abiy took part in wiretapping and driving Oromo nationals to death and torture chambers of the TPLF.
  2. Abiy continued with his animosity against the Oromo people even though he came to power on the shoulders of Oromo Qeerroo-Qarree (Oromo Youth), which toppled his master, the TPLF. He only changed his master, from TPLF to neftegna (those who champion the old Abyssinian imperial rule that colonized the Oromo and the nations and nationalities of the South).
  3. On the very day of his inauguration, Abiy praised all the genocidal emperors and rulers of the Abyssinian(Ethiopian empire) giving an insight to where he was about to take the country. He praised Ethiopia’s imperial past and gave an indication that the country should go back to its past ‘glory’, under which over 90% of Ethiopian population were subjects of the colonial Abyssinian settlers, and hence still remain second class citizens. Clearly, this was/is not the objective of over 5000 Oromo Qeerroos (Oromo Youth) who gave up their lives in the Oromo peaceful protests that brought him to power.
  4. After his inauguration speech, Abiy followed on his words, started renewing and rebuilding the symbols of the old and backward Ethiopia, including the palace of the most brutal and cruel emperor of Abyssinia, Menelik II, spending millions of dollars on building lavish statues for murderers, instead of feeding the hungry and helping the displaced poor.
  5. Abiy claims that it was prophesized by his mother (and passed onto him when he was seven years old), that he shall become the King of Ethiopia. He argues that everything he has been doing throughout his life was to fulfill his mother’s prophecy, his dream of becoming King of Ethiopia. Since Kingship or monarchical rule is not compatible with Oromo’s democratic Gadaa system which emphasizes the promotion and protection of justice, equality and freedom for all, Abiy strongly despises and hates anything Oromo, as these values of the Oromo stand against his dream of becoming a king.
  6. Expecting that the Qeerroo (Oromo youth) would not tolerate any injustice against their people, Abiy made them his primary enemies and primary targets of his criminal activities. He imprisoned tens of thousands of them and killed thousands. Significant number of them were forced to leave the country. Abiy has been doing everything possible to dismantle the organizational structure of the powerful Qeerroo, eliminating the brightest of them as a pre-emptive move to consolidate his brutal, cruel power and destroy Oromo’s national movement for justice, freedom, equality, democracy and peace.
  7. Day by day, Abiy and his neftegna supporters started moving against Oromo interests, reversing all the gains of Oromo struggle by shelfing off all the demands of the Oromo nation for which thousands of Qeerroos (Oromo Youth) sacrificed their precious lives.
  8. Abiy and his neftegna supporters continued displacing Oromo farmers around the capital city, Addis Ababa (Finfinnee). To gain acceptance and consolidate his power as a king of Ethiopia, Abiy unleashed extremist Amhara forces by telling them that they “should not be restricted to their own small region, but own the whole empire”. This agitation of Abiy has raised neftegna sentiments of brutality, cruelty and barbarism to the level that was never seen before.
  9. One of the demands of Oromo Youth was making the Oromo language, a national, working federal language of the empire. Under Abiy Ahmed, let alone making Afaan Oromo the national language, speaking Afaan Oromo in public in the capital city, Finfinnee (Addis Ababa), can get someone beaten or killed in some circumstances.
  10. Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) is the heartland (in the center) of the Oromo land, Oromia. Nevertheless, it was/is intentionally cut out of its motherland Oromia by the TPLF, in order to fulfill TPLF’s hunger for economic resources and long-term plan of annexing Oromia by expanding Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) through systematic land-grabbing policies of TPLF, such as ‘the master plan of Addis Ababa’. Due to this malicious plan of the TPLF, Finfinnee was not recognized as the capital of Oromia. When Abiy came to power, there were promises to deal with this injustice and bring back Finfinnee to its motherland, Oromia. But Abiy did nothing about it. As time went on, the Oromo people understood that all the false promises of Abiy Ahmed were meant only to hoodwink the Oromo masses, a tactic to buy time and consolidate his power. Today, under Abiy’s rule for three years, Oromos in the capital (Addis Ababa) are even in a much worse situation than they were three years ago, before Abiy took power.
  11. The Oromo nation has been fighting against colonial occupation and tyranny, in many fronts, using multiple modes of struggle. As such, armed struggle has always been part-and-parcel of the Oromo struggle. Abiy Ahmed used the presence of Oromo freedom fighters as a pretext to impose illegal, unconstitutional martial rule (military rule) in Western and Southern Oromia, just few months into his ascension to power. He singlehandedlylicensed and deployed his barbaric, brutal, criminal army and the security forces to kill proud Oromo nationals in all the cities and towns of Oromia. Only few months after he came to power, Oromia became a war zone of undeclared war. Amnesty International has published its findings of some of the human rights violations in 2019. It has also published about rape, extrajudicial executions, and homes set alight in security operations in Oromia.
  12. Oromos demanded an era where all citizens enjoy justice, equality, freedom and peace in all regions of Ethiopian empire. Instead, Abiy vowed to return to the old repressive unitary system where the Amharic language, culture ,and identity dominate all over the country. With this goal in mind, he dismantled the previous EPRDF and formed his own party called PP (Prosperity Party) that claims to have developed a new world-class philosophy named ‘Medemer’. ‘Medemer’ is Abiy’s simplistic, rudimentary, delusional view of himself and the world around him as a king of Ethiopia. It is his quasi philosophy of creating a melting pot where everyone speaks only one and the same language, Amharic, worships the history of all the past backward, barbaric, cruel imperial rulers of Abyssinia and their culture. It is a system where diversity is not appreciated, but despised and seen as an impediment to growth and human development. This very simplistic, backward-looking ideology of Abiy Ahmed emanates from his dream of becoming a king himself, not from understanding the complex nature of an empire that was put together as a result of conquest colonizing over 80 nations and nationalities in the 19th century. His delusional “medemer’ philosophy lacks the basic, elementary understanding of the Ethiopian society, leave aside containing any knowledge of human history; that societies move forward, and not backward.
  13. Oromos struggled for and expected improvements in civic administration (good governance), justice, peace and fair share. Under Abiy they got the worst. There is no peace and stability in Oromia; corruption and extortion by the ruling PP cadres are rampant. People cannot go about their business without fear of being killed or imprisoned. Oromos who do not hold PP’s ID cards are subject to harassment, imprisonment, and extrajudicial killings.
  14. Abiy’s government has used all and even worse means than the ones used by previous emperors, including Menelik and Haile Selassie, as well as Dergue and TPLF-EPRDF to silence Oromo opposition. His army, the police and security forces jail, torture, rape or kill any Oromo national who stands for justice and demands respect for the human and democratic rights of the Oromo nation.
  15. In addition to the regular army, the police and the security forces, Abiy Ahmed has trained killing squads under the name of Special Forces and Local Militia to kill people like the Sudanese Janjaweed militia. These killing squads commit extrajudicial killings, rape women, mothers, daughters, and sisters, burn the houses and crops of poor farmers forcing them to become refugees on their ancestral land. Under the pretext of using an overwhelming power to teach lessons to the rest, they behead and mutilate the dead bodies of proud Oromo nationalists and prevent their proper burial.
  16. Under Abiy, parents of Oromo freedom fighters are accused of sharing blood relationship with their kids and hence are targeted as enemies. Many parents are imprisoned, tortured, raped or killed just for being a mother or a father of an Oromo freedom fighter. Brothers, sisters and other relatives of Oromo freedoms fighters face the same types of injustices. 17)Oromo mothers and fathers are arrested with their 5 to 10 months old babies.
  17. Children as young as 5 months are imprisoned as revealed by his own Ethiopian Human Rights Commission in a recent statement. Words are not enough to explain the kinds of atrocities perpetrated against the Oromo peopleby Abiy Ahmed and his government.
  18. The savagery and barbaric nature of Abiy Ahmed’s killing squads (a conglomeration of the regular army, the security forces, the police, special forces and local militia), was clearly demonstrated on one of the most horrifying killings, which took place on May 11, 2021, in a city located in Western Oromia, when a 17 years old teenager, Amanuel Wondimu, was dragged from his home and publicly executed. Abiy’s killing squad have forced the neighborhood community, the parents and peers of the teenager to witness the brutal execution.
  19. About a week before the killing of Amanuel Wondimu, Abiy Ahmed’s army invaded the home of an Oromo intellectual, who was a PhD student and killed him without any crime.
  20. To terrorize the people and rule them by force and fear, Abiy Ahmed’s killing squadsrape mothers, daughters, sisters in front of theirs brothers, fathers, husbands and grandparents; they kill parents in front of their children, leaving them as orphans fending for themselves.
  21. Political assassination of prominent Oromo personalities is another hallmark of Abiy Ahmed’s regime. In a book titled the Hijacked Revolution, it was mentioned that Abiy invited the renowned musical genius and revolutionary Hacaaluu Hundessa to his palace and warned him not to ever try to oppose his rule and that he will rule Ethiopia at least for the next 10 years. It is to be noted that Haacaaluu’s contribution to the Qeerroo movement that brought Abiy to power was significant. Unfortunately, this same Oromo national hero, Hacaaluu was assassinated by Abiy Ahmed’s mercenaries on June 29, 2020 after giving an interview on an independent Oromo TV station called OMN (Oromia Media Network) criticizing Abiy’s regime for not doing enough to protect the lives of Oromo citizens and for criticizing the genocidal emperor Menelik and the naftanya system.
  22. Abiy did not stop with taking the life of our hero, Hacaaluu Hundeessaa. It became evident that Abiy used the assassination of Haacaaluu as a prelude to jail all prominent Oromo political leaders and Qeerroos who threaten Abiy Ahmed’s political power. As planned, the brutal killing squad of Abiy Ahmed has terrorized the Oromo people, including Haacaaluu’s family, who were deprived of conducting a dignified burial for their national hero.
  23. Following the political assassination of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, more than 500 Oromos were killed by Abiy’s government in the protests that ensued Hacaaluu’s death. Tens of thousands of Oromos, including the previous supporter of OPDO (Abiy’s regime) Jawar Mohammad and many long-standing prominent opposition leaders such as Abdi Regassa, Gemachu Ayana, Beqele Garba and many others were thrown to jail.
  24. Under Abiy Ahmed, almost all schools, museums and civic institutions in Oromia are converted to make shift jails. It is an Armageddon of repression that befell the Oromo people. Extrajudicial killings, rape, torture, harassment, burning of farmers’ houses and crops, destruction of livelihoods, and internal displacement of thousands of Oromo families became rampant. The Oromo nation is facing the most barbaric brutality of unparalleled proportion daily.
  25. As a method of expanding Abiy Ahmed’s state-sponsored terror on Oromo people, about 11 Oromo students were brutally murdered in Amhara region by Amhara tugs, and over 35,000 students were forcefully expelled from colleges and universities because of their identity. These brutal murders took place in federal universities where the government had the duty and responsibility to protect the safety of students. None of the regional and federal authorities took action to stop these inhumane acts. Oromo mothers who brought up their children investing whatever meagre resources they had, were forced to receive the dead bodies of their sons. There was no condemnation or comment from the country’s PM Abiy on these egregious acts. For him business went on as usual because he planned these murders with his stooges in the Amhara region as a diversion of public’s attention from the formation of his new Prosperity Party. There was no consolation or condolence expressed to the Oromo parents that lost their brilliant children and no one was held accountable for this. Many of these students were the only child for their poor parents.
  26. In November of 2019, Abiy Ahmed decided to dismantle the EPRDF, and replace it with his own Prosperity Party that is supposed to crown him as the king of Ethiopia. According to the ‘philosophy’ of Abiy Ahmed’s king-maker party, diversity is destroying Ethiopia. Therefore, diversity should not be entertained. Rather, all individuals and organizations must melt into a single unit, called ‘Prosperity party’. As a consequence of his intolerance for diversity and his utmost appreciation for Machiavellian views of king-making (the prince), Abiy creates diversionary agendas that discourage and discredit the promotion of tolerance for diversity. As the result of Abiy’s delusional views and his ambition of becoming the 7th king of Ethiopia, today, the country is burning across all regions while trying to attain the unattainable dream of “creating a single polity where one language, one religion, one culture, one ideology, one flag, one history… and a king ” supersedes everyone and everything.
  27. In December of 2019, Abiy Ahmed waged an open war against Oromos in Western Oromia. He cut off internet and phone communication to hide the egregious crimes that his security forces committed against Oromos in Wollaga. Farmers were extrajudicially murdered in their fields in front of their children, children were murdered in front of their parents and thrown to the fields to be devoured by wild animals. Oromos saw crimes against humanity that was not even committed by the fascists and the Nazis. All these crimes were committed under the pretext of fighting against Oromo freedom fighters. The war in the western part of Oromia was expanded to all parts of Oromia to eliminate all opposition to Abiy and his Prosperity Party. The war that began in Oromia later morphed to the current war against Tigray that the international community is now dealing with. Currently, the war in Oromia has got a new dimension where Abiy has deployed Eritrean mercenaries and the Amhara extremist Special Forces and militias. These forces continue to commit egregious crimes against our people unabated.
  28. One of the demands of the Qeerroo movement was to have a free and fair election so that all nations and nationalities use their right to govern themselves by electing their representatives. Abiy allowed all opposition forces that were in exile into the country in the first f ew weeks of his premiership. Unbeknownst to everyone, he did this to keep them under his control by forcing them to submit or by eliminating them one by one. With the assassination of Hacaaluu as explained before, many strong political opposition leaders of the OLF and OFC were jailed and are currently languishing in prison without any due process. Almost all their electoral candidates are currently in prison. These two major Oromo opposition parties that hold the support of over 90% of the Oromo population have now been pushed out of the political game. He is now preparing for a sham election scheduled for June 5, 2021. This is an election without any genuine Oromo representation. Oromos have understood that the coming sham election is meant to crown and legitimize Abiy’s authoritarian and fascist rule that detests and rejects diversity of nations and nationalities while favoring the dominance of one language, culture, and identity. We also know that this is an election meant to legitimize Abiy’s rule that is hell bent on finishing Emperor Menelek the 2nd’s colonial rule over nations and nationalities by dismantling the existing multinational federal system.
  29. Abiy’s regime has killed more Oromos in his three years short tenure than in the past 27 years. A detailed account of ethnic cleansing and destruction against Wallo Oromos and Oromos in the different parts of Oromia has been registered in Oromia Support Group’s Report number 55 dated April, 2021.

It should be known that the struggle of the Oromo people is not to crown anyone who claims to be an Oromo to end up getting killed, raped, thrown to jail without any due process and become internally displaced and their rights constantly violated. The struggle of the Oromo people is not directed against any ethnic group but is a struggle for equality, justice, freedom, peace, democracy, including the right of nations and nationalities to self-determination to be owners of their destiny on their own land. Oromo’s struggle is against a system of settler colonialism and a system of repression that makes them subjects of settler colonialists and second class citizens.

By continuously talking about the past glories of Ethiopia and praising murderer Abyssinian kings Abiy Ahmed is promoting the ideology of neftegna system. He is using the nostalgic pro-neftegna Amhara extremists whose ambitions are to restore the past rule of one family, Kingship. He is doing everything possible to appease and mobilize all pro-neftegna Amhara extremists against Oromummaa (Oromonness or Oromo nationalism) to be crowned as a king by Neftegnas at the expense of Oromo lives. As a result, today, the largest nation in Ethiopia and in the horn of Africa, the Oromo nation doesn’t have a single independent media in Oromia, while Neftegnas own over 60 TV and Radio stations in Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) alone.

The above list of egregious crimes and facts speak volumes that Abiy Ahmed does not represent the Oromo nation, nor does he share the vision, mission, value, principles and objectives of Oromo struggle for justice, peace, equality, democracy, freedom and national self-determination.

Abiy’s vision and mission of restoring the old, archaic, barbaric, brutal neftegna system is not only against the Oromo nation, but also against the aspirations of all oppressed nations and nationalities in Ethiopia. As such, Abiy stands for nothing, but the dead ideology of the dead Abyssinian rulers whose values are exploitation of man-by-man in which gabar-system, inequality, servitude, slavery are the norm. Since Oromos stand against these values, the primary targets and victims of Abiy Ahmed are Oromos who having been fighting against the fascistic rule of Abyssinian emperors for the last 150 years.

We want the world to understand that Abiy has never ever represented the Oromo people, Oromo interests and values throughout his life. Therefore, it is atrocious, offending, inhumane and even an insult to the self-respecting Oromo nation, when someone tries to portray Abiy and his regime that is hell bent on annihilating Oromo youth, Oromo political leaders, the Media, intellectuals, elders, business-people, Oromo language, identity and culture as a government of the Oromo people.

Denying all of these facts and presenting Abiy as representative of the Oromo nation is not only an insult to our intelligence, but also a deliberate, malicious act of associating the Oromo nation with all the crimes Abiy has committed against humanity. This tactic of blaming-the-primary-victim (the Oromo) is used by neo-neftegna supporters of Abiy Ahmed.

We would like to emphatically remind the world, not to fall for the tricks and into the traps of neo-neftegna supporters of Abiy Ahmed, who are trying to portray him as an Oromo person, who stands for the rights and interests of the Oromo nation.

Finally, we call upon the international community, the United Nations and governments around the world to withdraw their economic, political, cultural, military cooperation and diplomatic relationships with Abiy Ahmed’s regime; instead, listen to the voice of our voiceless people, support their just cause, their struggle and quest for justice, freedom, peace, democracy and self-determination. Abiy Ahmed is a genocider. He doesn’t represent the Oromo nation.

We urge the global community to act immediately and stop the madness of Abiy Ahmed and his neftegna supporters before we see a genocide that can dwarf what was seen in Rwanda.

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