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Subject: Urgent call to the international community to stop state-sponsored terrorism against the Oromo people by Ethiopian government

On may 11, 2021, the Ethiopian security forces in Dembi Dolo city, Western Oromia, dragged a teenager pictured above from his parents’ home, hanged what appears to be a handgun on his neck and publicly executed him at a roundabout pubic arena. Members of the community including his parents and friends were forced to witness this heinous crime. His parents were not even allowed to take the body of their son riddled with bullets; instead, they were taken to jail. The government publicly announced their bogus allegation that the teenager was a member of “Shane” - a name they use to refer to the Oromo Liberation Army they subject to public execution without any due process. This appalling atrocity is the latest of series of mass murders that Abiy’s regime has been intensively waging on Oromos since 2019 as documented in the recent Oromo Support Group report released in April of this year.

Oromia Global Forum (OGF), a global alliance of Oromo Civic, Professional, and Faith-Based Organizations and individual Human Rights defenders and activists residing in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa condemns these barbaric acts in the strongest possible terms and calls up on the internationalcommunity, especially the nations and development Banks that provide budget support to this criminal and genocidal regime to stop enabling it to continue with perpetrating such egregious crimes against humanity.

In March 2020, Abiy Ahmed illegally postponed national election initially slated for August 2020. At the time, he gave health concern associated with COVID-19 as an excuse for the postponement even though the total number of COVID-19 cases in Ethiopia at the time was less than 100. No sooner than he postponed the election, he launched a full-scale war on major opposition political parties, especially the Oromo Liberation Front and Oromo Federalist Congress. The regime jailed prominent leaders and members of the two parties, ransacked and closed their offices, declared full scale war in Tigray, deploying historical foes of the region (e.g. Eritrean army and the Amhara militia) who reportedly were engaged in ethnic cleansing, rape and war crimes along with the Ethiopian Defense Forces. Soon after he false claimed victory in the Tigray conflict, Abiy rescheduled the suspended national election for June 2021, at a time when the total COVD-19 cases is projected to be above 10,000 and average daily infection of over 700.

Abiy Ahmed’s and his ruling clique’s grand plan since they came to power has been pretty obvious; they claim credit for the sacrifice the Oromo youth made that brought them to power, fake openness and democratic dispensation to get hold of and incarcerate opposition forces engaged in armed struggle, neutralize other resident opposition forces, and finally present themselves as the only choice available, especially for the Oromo people, going into the planned election. This is happening despite international community’s call upon the Abiy Ahmed to postpone the sham election of June 2021, release all political prisoners, and hold all-inclusive consultative meeting to collectively chart the country’s political future.

Instead, Abiy rejects releasing the prisoners or holding an all-inclusive consultation, insists proceeding with the sham election as planned, vowsto kill anyone who doesn’t conform to his vision of unitary Ethiopia and calls on all citizens to join the national defense force and police to defend the country that he claims is on the verge of collapse. What Abiy Ahmed refuses or fails to admit is the fact that he is singlehandedly responsible for the impending explosion of the country that is currently defined by many to be a failed state. We would like the world to understand that we have someone at the helm of power in Ethiopia vowing to see millions die to execute his plan of going back to a 19th century form of repression modeled after his beloved genocidal past emperorssuch as Menilik II. Abiy Ahmed is a dangerous demagogue with absolutely no iota of regard for the sanctity of human life.

Accordingly, OGF would like to once again call up on the international community to:

  1. Act immediately to stop state-sponsored terrorism of Abiy Ahmed’s regime, the mass murder, extrajudicial killings, torture, rape etc. his security forces are conducting in Oromia and beyond
  2. Take practical measures against Abiy’s regime to end incarceration of opposition forces, desist from instigating and fueling inter-communal, inter-religious tensions and conflicts that can lead the country to devastating civil war.
  3. Immediately withdraw all economic, financial support and diplomatic relations from the terrorist
    regime of Abiy Ahmed
  4. Support the struggle of Ethiopian peoplesfor freedom, justice, peace and democracy and help the country to conduct an all-inclusive political dialogue with the ultimate goal of enabling the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia to determine their political, economic, social, cultural future, freely and democratically.

We urge the international community to act swiftly before we see an uncontrollable exodus of people from the country resulting in out of control refugee crisis, regional security nightmare and a genocide that can dwarf what was seen in Rwanda.

Oromia Global Forum

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