Mission Statement

The mission of Raadiyoo Sagalee Walabummaa Oromiyaa (RSWO) is to help achieve the objective of the Oromo struggle for the liberation of Oromia from the Abyssinian colonial yoke and the realization of an independent state of Oromia and a decolonized and free Oromo people.

It will do so through programs which it broadcasts to Oromiyaa and beyond that focus on:

  • Exposing the brutality of Ethiopian government’s arbitrary killing, detaining and persecuting of the Oromos and its systematic plan and practice of evicting Oromos from their homeland, denying them their natural and inalienable individual and collective rights;

  • Promoting the formation of independent state of Oromia by whatever means necessary;

  • Countering disinformation, misinformation and false propaganda against the Oromo struggle in all its forms be it from within the Oromo community or external sources including the outworn propaganda of overbearing Abyssinians and their cohorts;

  • Informing and educating the Oromo people on the reality on the ground with regard to its struggle for liberation, on possible root causes for the prevailing state of affairs, and available options and preferred recommendations;

  • Promoting the nurturing of the continued development of Oromo nationalism in general and revitalization and strengthening of unity of nationalist activities working for independence of Oromiyaa in particular;

  • Educational programs related to Oromo history, Oromo economy, the Gada democratic system, justice, health and the art;

  • Promoting human, collective (community), individual and women’s rights;

  • Promoting moral, ethical and practical guiding principles and values that can help advance our people’s just cause which Oromo nationalists should adopt;

  • Promoting democracy, the Gada system, justice, rule of law, constitutionalism and citizenship rights in independent state of Oromiyaa;

  • Global, regional and Oromo news and analysis with the view of informing the Oromo public.

  • Exposing the misguided and misleading views of the recently flourishing Oromo political factions and splinter groups and their self-contradictory, self-centered and self-absorbed views that are detrimental to our people’s struggle for liberation from Ethiopian colonialism;